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Hyperic Community

Hyperic is proud of its vibrant, growing community - it's a testament to the value of our software and the demand for what we provide. The Hyperic community consists of core developers and empowered system administrators who share their experiences and expertise. Find out what people are doing with our systems monitoring and management and SIGAR products.

Hyperic HQ Resources

With Hyperic HQ, we are happy to provide you with the following resources to help you explore its capabilities:

  • Hyperic HQ Getting Started Guide – Want to take Hyperic HQ for a spin? Take a look at this document and see what all you can do with HQ
  • Download HQ – We will always keep the latest releases on the Hyperic HQ download page
  • The HyperFORGE – Participate in Hyperic's plugin and documentation community.
  • Hyperic User Forums – Interact with other HQ users, as well as SIGAR and PDK developers. Hyperic engineers hang out here all the time
  • Hyperic Documentation - Find all of the user and developer documentation around Hyperic HQ and SIGAR
  • Hyperic Blog - Stay up to date with everything going on at Hyperic, from our events that we attend, to release announcements, to IT industry analysis.
  • Browse Hyperic's Git Repository