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Currently in use by many of the world's largest web and IT operations groups, Hyperic's products manage Java, LAMP and J2EE environments better than any product available. That's why some of the world's most complex Web infrastructures, including those of several Fortune 100 companies trust Hyperic HQ to monitor and manage their entire Web environment.

The list below shows some of our customers who are proud to share their success with using Hyperic HQ.


Featured Customers
We were immediately impressed with Hyperic's Auto-Discovery feature. The product installed with the capability to immediately find and monitor more than 70 technologies, providing us with instant monitoring for the majority of our key applications—even those that spanned virtualized resources.
Hyperic are really the experts. We looked at several libraries and also considered writing it ourselves. The biggest thing that we found was that, while some of the offerings were good in one area, none of them had the breadth that Hyperic brings.
At VideoEgg we serve tens of millions of video streams every day. The availability of our web infrastructure to support those streams is absolutely critical. Hyperic has given us insight into the performance and availability of our server infrastructure that we need to ensure VideoEgg stays running.
We have used both OpenView and Tivoli in the past and were pleasantly surprised to see Hyperic managed everything right out of the box. We achieved our ROI in less than two months and our work environment is a lot less stressful.
Several of the management solutions we looked at were all the same, and we needed something customizable that could address our specific IT needs. Hyperic was the standout. It had all the features we needed to more effectively manage our IT resources, minimize downtime and improve overall IT system performance.
With virtually no customization required on our part, Hyperic's software manages and monitors all aspects of our environment, giving us complete visibility from a high-level view down to a specific table within a database.
A comprehensive monitoring infrastructure is essential to maintain our availability and expected performance. Hyperic HQ provided exactly what we were looking for to support our core open source java and database applications, as well as our requirements for low-level hardware monitoring, operating system metrics and application service statistics.
The financial benefits of Hyperic's application are simply a byproduct of the real gain it offers us. Hyperic's open platform and development plug-in framework helps us write plug-ins to get the level of granularity we need for every unique technical requirement.
Additional Customers
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