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Monitoring Screenshot Gallery

Hyperic HQ Screenshots

Below you'll find several Hyperic HQ screenshots that will give you a much better idea of exactly what our award-winning systems monitoring product is all about. After you're done browsing the gallery, we invite you to take our fully-functional FREE Hyperic HQ trial.

Description Hyperic HQ Screenshots (click to enlarge)
Enterprise Alerting
Includes multiconditional & recovery alerts, as well as role-based alert and group-based alerting

Group Alerts

Multi-Conditional Alert

Recovery Alerts

Resource Type Alerting

Role Based Alerts

Single Condition Alert
Follow the Sun Alerting
This feature notifies users based on time of day and users scheduled availability

Follow the Sun - Webmaster

Follow the Sun - DBA
Global Alert Templates
Create alert definitions once and apply across large resource groups

Alert Definition

Monitoring Defaults, Start

Monitoring Defaults
Report Center
Lets you define Reports that highlight IT/Operations performance

Report Center

Alert Detail Report
Operations Intelligence
Advanced reporting and intelligence that delivers service level and application performance metrics

Virtualized Environment Performance

SLA Performance Monitoring

Various Display Types
Role-Based Access Control
Permissions/ACL's for the resources in your environment

DBA Dashboard

DBA - Role Based Access

Webmaster Dashboard
Scheduled Control Actions
Enable administrators to automate maintenance activities and conditional responses to alerts

Control Action, Scheduled

Control Action In Response
Smart Trend
Baselining automates metric analysis to flag deviations from normal performance for fast problem ID

Problem Resources

Smart Trend Chart

Smart Trend Chart In Alert

CloudStatus Screenshots

CloudStatus is the latest addition to our product arsenal. It's a free service that provides real-time reports and weekly trends on critical infrastructure metrics such as service availability, response time, latency, and throughput. Below you will find some screenshots of CloudStatus in action.

Description CloudStatus Screenshots (click to enlarge)
This service determines the health of cloud computing environments.

Hyperic HQ agents run inside and outside the cloud thus delivering accurate metrics.

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AWS Amazon Web Services

EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud

FPS Flexible Payment Service

SDB Simple DB

SQS Simple Queue Service

S3 Simple Storage Service