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Hyperic offers two editions of HQ: Hyperic HQ and Hyperic HQ Enterprise. Gold support is included with HQ Enterprise. Both Hyperic HQ and Hyperic Enterprise Trial are available for free download.

The Hyperic HQ Enterprise Trial is fully functional and can manage environments including up to 50 resources. The trial is time-limited; users interested in extended trials should contact Hyperic Sales for a specific trial license.

Enterprises with a serious interest in Hyperic HQ Enterprise can experience the full benefits of an Enterprise Subscription through an Enterprise Evaluation. An Enterprise Evaluation allows businesses to trial run Hyperic HQ Enterprise, while enjoying limited support and the technical account management services that are available to Enterprise customers.

Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition

Designed for companies who run large scale business-critical web applications and systems and want world-class support.

  • HQ Enterprise expands on the success of the open source product.
  • Provides supercharged alerting—HQE supports multi-condition alerts, role-based alerts, group alerts, follow-the-sun notification, and powerful alert response options.
  • Learns from the past, predicts the future—HQE gives you unparalleled insight into “what's normal?” with automatic base lining, and a window into the future with capacity planning.
  • HQE provides control and administration capabilities that are critical to large scale infrastructures, from scheduled and alert-driven remote resource control to remote agent upgrade and administration
  • Amazing professional support plus access to the vibrant open source community
Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition

Designed to provide all fundamental management and monitoring capabilities for web applications and IT infrastructures.

  • Remote diagnostics—You can use HQ's Live Exec to run diagnostics on remote resources, from operating system diagnostics to custom tools you build-in to HQ.
  • Built-in Mbean query—When HQ alerts you of availability or health issues with a JVM resource or service, you can use the JMX MBean Query tool to troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Search for MBeans, display their attributes, and invoke selected MBean operations on them
  • Log and event tracking—HQ captures log events, configuration changes, and alerts, and automatically correlate them with performance and availability.
  • Community Support and complete access to all documentation