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Partner Network Program (FAQ)

What is the Hyperic Partner Network?
The Hyperic Partner Network Program is a global partnering program designed to drive real revenues and quality margins to our partners who choose to embed our products, resell our products, refer qualified leads or ensure extended manageability of thier own software products using Hyperic HQ.

Hyperic provides a comprehensive suite of program tools spanning marketing, sales support, and technical training to help you succeed. Our belief is that the better prepared and supported our partners are, the more mutual success we will all have.

Is the Hyperic Ready Partner Program available globally?
Yes, we have OEM, reseller, referral, and software partners in geographies that span the globe. We are interested in finding more strategic partners to fulfill our vision of global coverage and distribution delivered by world-class, service-oriented certified partners.

What is Hyperic's ideal partner?
Hyperic's best performing partners have been ISVs (proprietary and Open-Source), Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, MSPs, Cloud Service Providers and Hosting Vendors, Offshore, Global and Regional Systems Integrators. Common business & technology characteristics include:


  • Desire for annuity & margin upselling
  • Existing and new client bases
  • Committed, Infrastructure-savvy product sellers
  • Executive sponsors from Sales & Product organizations


  • Web-based software or services
  • Multi-platform support or exists in hybrid technology environments
  • Real-time performance and availability driven system requirements
  • Exposed management APIs through Java, .NET, Perl, or C++
  • Limited 'Analytics' overlap

What are the requirements of joining the Hyperic Partner Network?
The requirements vary slightly, depending on whether you are interested in becoming an OEM Powered by Hyperic, Certified Reseller, Referral, or Hyperic Ready partner. Regardless of the path you choose, common steps to joining the Hyperic Partner Network include:

  • Complete Hyperic's Application Form. Our partner team will review your application and then contact you normally within 2-3 days to discuss your application further. Due to the considerable interest in working with Hyperic, sometimes it takes a few extra days to reply.
  • Pay an annual program fee (as applicable) upon acceptance into the network, which covers training, certification, mentoring and shadowing.
  • Certify a minimum number of sales, presales, and technical resources or meet a minimum level of product support or service availability.
  • Attain mutually established revenue, customer, or lead targets. Achievement of these targets will qualify partners for reduced annual program fees, additional training discounts, and other benefits

What Hyperic products are included in the Hyperic Partner Network?
The goal of the Hyperic Partner Network is to help our partners grow their business through sales of Hyperic's commercial products. Hyperic’s flagship product, Hyperic HQ Enterprise, is available for partners interested in an OEM, reseller, or referral relationship. While less of a focus, we have also structured OEM and commercial support partnerships for partners interested in SIGAR and providing 1st and 2nd level support for Hyperic’s open source edition.

Isn't Hyperic an Open Source company? If I embed Hyperic products into my own offerings, would I expose my products to Open Source?
Hyperic owns its Intellectual Property (IP) rights. While we have chosen to Open Source part of our technology under the GPL, our IP ownership enables us to dual-license the technology, making our best-of-breed management product available to partners under a commercial license that is not subject to GPL, ultimately protecting our partners’ solutions from open source exposure.

Do the licenses for Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition allow me to make code level modifications for my clients? How is this different from the Hyperic open source project?
It is common for companies to be interested in making code level modifications that create more seamless integration with existing systems and business processes. However, the licensing differences between our open source Hyperic HQ and commercial products impact how these code level modifications are governed and protected. Please contact us for more detailed information on this topic.

Why do our partners choose to build a practice around Hyperic's commercial products?
Besides offering the many features available in our commercial products that are not available in the open source edition, Hyperic HQ, here are some of the many important reasons partners choose to build their business around Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition:

  • The Hyperic Partner Network Program offers a wealth of sales, marketing, technical and educational benefits to actively support partners in building and growing a more profitable business.
  • Your clients desire a systems management solution that is protected under a standard commercial software license, not an open source license
  • Select partners receive early access to pre-release versions of Hyperic HQ Enterprise (community previews, beta releases and release candidates) before they are generally available
  • Pre-release training on topics such as installation, upgrades, new features and functionality, administration, and tips & tricks
  • Deal assistance from the Hyperic Alliances team

How can I join?

Applying is easy. Start by completing the Hyperic Partner Application form.