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Software Vendors Partner Program

Hyperic Ready technology partners are Independent Software Vendors (ISV's), hosting partners, cloud providers, open source software projects and other solution providers within the Hyperic Partner Network who provide support for their products and services using Hyperic HQ or Hyperic HQ Enterprise. All Hyperic Ready Partners provide their end customers and users added confidence that they are using world-class, production ready technology solutions.

To be recognized as a Hyperic Ready partner, Hyperic must actively support your products or services.

Hyperic Ready Products

For solution providers with Managed Product Plugins included in the Hyperic HQ distribution, becoming a Hyperic Ready Partner is as simple as applying.

For software providers looking to be recognized as a world-class, enterprise ready solution in the Hyperic Ready Partner program, you need to submit a Managed Product Plugin for review by Hyperic's Community on the HyperFORGE. Developing Managed Product Plugins is simple using Hyperic's Plugin Development Kit (PDK), and does not necessarily require you to contribute the intellectual property rights to Hyperic. Once the plugin has been submitted, simply apply for Hyperic Ready Status and an Hyperic Alliance Manager will assist you in becoming a Hyperic Ready Partner.

Hyperic Ready Services

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), hosting providers, and cloud service providers using Hyperic HQ Enterprise to provide their users with added visibility to the real-time performance of their services, contact your Hyperic Alliance Manager to learn more about the opportunities to advertise your Hyperic-branded services and give your customers the added confidence, visibility and reporting on your service levels.

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