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Springsource Acquires Hyperic To Unify Developer To Datacenter Application Lifecycle

Leader in Enterprise Java Adds Open Source Management Innovator--Redefining How Companies Build, Run and Manage Business Applications

SAN MATEO, Calif.—May 4, 2009—SpringSource, the leader in enterprise Java, today announced it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Hyperic, the open source leader in web application and infrastructure management. With the acquisition, SpringSource offers a comprehensive product set for powering the entire Java application lifecycle, with lean and powerful solutions for building, running and managing enterprise applications. By accelerating and unifying the application lifecycle from developer to data center and bridging the divide between development and IT operations teams, SpringSource can meet all the needs of companies building and deploying business-critical Java applications.

San Francisco-based Hyperic, recently named a "cool vendor" by Gartner and a "company to watch in 2009" by Linux Magazine, provides web application performance management software that is used by numerous Fortune 1000 entities, including many of the world's largest SaaS and consumer web companies. Hyperic's solutions monitor and manage the performance and availability of the entire application stack from hardware and operating systems to virtual machines, web servers, application servers, databases and more -- giving IT and web operations a unified view and control of the performance and health of their entire web infrastructure.

"SpringSource is taking responsibility for streamlining enterprise Java to fully cater to the needs of developers, IT administrators and operators who create, deploy and manage business-critical applications," said Rod Johnson, SpringSource CEO. "The acquisition of Hyperic enables SpringSource to provide a complete, proven suite of lean application infrastructure software products that enable enterprises to accelerate the build, run and manage application lifecycle within the data center, virtual, or cloud computing environments."

SpringSource has a successful track record incorporating open source technologies into its offerings, creating the industry's most comprehensive and productive solution set for the entire Java application lifecycle while supporting and contributing to the related open source communities. With the acquisition, SpringSource solutions now cover the entire application lifecycle including:

  • Build - SpringSource leads enterprise Java innovation with Spring, the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications. More than half of the Fortune 500 power their Java applications with Spring, and about two thirds of all Java developers use Spring. More than 70 percent of enterprises cite improved productivity, faster project completion, improved portability and application quality as top reasons for using Spring. SpringSource is driving even higher levels of innovation with Groovy and Grails, a dynamic language web application stack offering productivity benefits rivaling Ruby on Rails, but on a proven and scalable Spring-powered Java platform.
  • Run - SpringSource is at the forefront of rapid enterprise adoption of lightweight application server runtimes and contributes 95 percent of bug fixes to Apache Tomcat, the most popular application server with 68 percent usage across IT organizations. SpringSource tc Server is an enterprise version of Tomcat that provides developers with the lightweight server they want paired with the operational, management and diagnostic capabilities businesses need to deploy Tomcat widely across the enterprise. SpringSource is also ensuring enterprise Java runtimes are prepared to handle virtualized and cloud computing needs with SpringSource dm Server, the leading OSGi-based Java server for modular next-generation applications.
  • Manage - Businesses require application management and monitoring capabilities that provide deep and transparent insight into application performance and service levels as requests flow through the web servers, application servers, databases, message queues and other application infrastructure deployed on physical, virtual and cloud computing platforms. With the addition of Hyperic, SpringSource is uniquely positioned to address modern application requirements and provide the single source of insight behind the behavior and performance of every layer of an application. Thousands of companies worldwide already depend on Hyperic for their web application and infrastructure management as well as their IT service level commitments.

"This is the marriage of two companies that share a common vision for the future of enterprise solutions and the application lifecycle. SpringSource is the default choice for many developers and IT architects creating Java applications, and Hyperic is the default choice for many IT operations professionals that need to manage those applications," said Javier Soltero, formerly CEO of Hyperic and now CTO of Management Products at SpringSource. "Managing enterprise Java requires visibility up and down the stack and across a company's network and data center, including virtualization and cloud computing environments. The divide that separates development from IT operations has just become a lot smaller."

Additional information on the acquisition is available online and can be found at http://www.hyperic.com/springsource. Rod Johnson and Javier Soltero have also posted their thoughts about the announcement on the SpringSource and Hyperics blog sites, located at http://blog.springsource.com and http://www.hyperic.com/blog/springsource, respectively.

"The combination of SpringSource and Hyperic will address the disconnect that frequently exists between application development and runtime management. The disconnect impedes development teams' ability to unify and accelerate the application development lifecycle," said Chris Haddad, Vice President, Application Platform and Data Management Strategies for Burton Group."

About Hyperic Inc.

Hyperic (www.hyperic.com), the IT and Web operations management company, provides open source and enterprise monitoring and management software for all types of web applications. Built for scale and automation, Hyperic manages the largest consumer web and SaaS applications in the world and is the top choice for fast-growing software companies like JBoss/Red Hat, MySQL/Sun Microsystems and Springsource to manage their own products' performance and availability. The award-winning Hyperic HQ software auto-discovers and updates asset inventory and allows operations teams to quickly prevent or pinpoint and correct problems at every major technology layer: hardware, networks, virtualization, cloud environments and applications. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in San Francisco, Hyperic is a private company funded by Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital.

About SpringSource

SpringSource provides a complete suite of software products that accelerate the entire build, run, manage enterprise Java application lifecycle. SpringSource employs the open source leaders who created and drive innovation for Spring, the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications. SpringSource also employs the Java and Web thought leaders within the Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Groovy and Grails open source communities. Nearly half of the Global 2000, including many world's leading retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, technology and public sector clients are SpringSource customers. For more information visit: www.springsource.com.