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Why Hyperic

  • Fast Deployment
    Install, set up and start managing your web infrastructure immediately.
  • Monitor Everything
    Hyperic monitors business and performance metrics, logs, configuration changes, SLAs and more.
  • Advanced Alerting
    Alert on any set of conditions, automatically recover, notify and escalate.

Web Application Monitoring and Management

Manage web applications in your datacenter or in the cloud

Hyperic HQ manages web applications wherever they are: in your data center, a virtual environment, or the cloud. Hyperic monitors and manages your applications and infrastructure 24x7 ensuring the shortest downtime, and immediate notification of performance degradation or service unavailability.  Through a variety of flexible and advanced alerting conditions, triggered actions and escalation schemes IT and web operations teams can feel confident that their applications and infrastructure are performing optimally.  HQ automatically discovers, monitors, and manages software and network resources, regardless of type or location. HQ provides a single pane view of performance and availability for companies running apps on any or all popular platforms, including Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, VMware, and Amazon Web Services. With fast deployment, enterprise security, and extensibility, organizations will save time and meet SLAs.

Fast to deploy, easy to manage: Turn it on and watch it go: you'll have a fully functional monitoring solution up and running within minutes of HQ installation. HQ automatically discovers what's running on every host and gets down to business. Moments later, you'll have an inventory database of the servers, services, software and devices under management and be viewing key indicators of system health and availability. HQ offers the most rapid "time-to-value" in the market because it's got built-in support for over 75 products and technologies. That built-in support means HQ can automatically find a software resource, add it to inventory, and start reporting the metrics that best indicate the health and well-being of your IT infrastructure.

Built for web operations: HQ is built from the ground up to make custom, web-based applications more manageable and to ease the burden on the web operations team. Starting with auto-discovery for more than 75 common components—including databases, application servers, middleware, web servers, network devices and more—and topped with built in charting, historical trending, advanced alerts, diagnostics and control capabilities to fix problems all within the HQ application—it's no wonder HQ is the standard for the largest web companies in the world.

Makes virtualization easier: Virtualization technologies like VMWare and XenServer can help make deployments more flexible and cost effective, but they can also complicate the management of applications that span virtualized and non-virtualized servers. New servers come online, disappear, and move frequently—keeping up with that high rate of change is difficult. HQ helps keep up with that change and provides you the complete visibility you need to monitor all the applications and services, including the virtualization software itself, so you can better manage your business.

Reaches the cloud: Whether you are just starting up your business, or need the extra capacity to help manage extra workloads, HQ can help you apply the same monitoring and management rules from the data center to resources in the cloud. Packed with extra automation, intelligence, and security features to help join distributed data centers together, HQ reveals the performance and availability of all the software resources in your web infrastructure—regardless of type or location.