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Auto-Discovery & Inventory Management

HQ auto-discovery reduces implementation effort & complexity

Hyperic HQ manages, monitors, and controls large IT environments—ranging from hundreds to thousands of machines. This translates to tens of thousands of managed resources, from CPUs and network interfaces to application servers and databases. With HQ auto-discovery, you can start monitoring and managing heterogeneous environments within minutes of installation in both physical and virtual environments.

It's automatic: With HQ auto-discovery you can get a huge IT environment under management with little manual effort. You don't tell HQ what to monitor—you turn it on and watch it go. An HQ Agent scans its host machine, finds the software and services running on it, and adds it all to the HQ database.

It recognizes change: HQ tracks your software inventory; when changes occur—for example, software versions or network identifiers change—HQ notices, and tells you. When a developer updates the app server version—HQ will recognize this change and notify the ops team.


It's cross-platform: HQ auto-discovery is powered by Hyperic's System Information Gatherer (SIGAR), a cross-platform API for collecting software inventory data. HQ Agents use SIGAR to discover a broad set of system information, including CPU speed, RAM size, operating system version, hostnames, and IP addresses. Auto-discovery works on all major platforms—Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX—and in disparate run-time environments, from Java to .NET.

It's extendible: Out-of-the-box, HQ auto-discovers over 70 common operating systems, application servers, HTTP servers, databases, and other software and network resources. Plus there is a vibrant monitoring community where developers and systems administrators have shared many more plugins for you to reuse. For anything else, you can use SIGAR and the HQ Plugin Development Kit (PDK) to extend discovery and management.