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Supported Clouds

CloudStatus BETA provides visibility into two of the world's most popular clouds, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine. As each cloud vendor provides multiple services for their users to consume, CloudStatus groups reports on performance and health statistics by each service.

Amazon Web Services

  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • SimpleDB (SDB)
  • Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Flexible Payment Service (FPS)

Google App Engine*

  • Datastore
  • Memcache
  • URL Fetch

*Cloud Service Plugin available on the HyperFORGE for complete monitoring and management of your applications.

Hyperic plans to continue to add additional cloud services regularly. If you are a cloud vendor interested in working with Hyperic to independently track your service's health and performance, please contact our partner program.

Performance Monitoring for Cloud Services

Free real-time health and performance monitoring of Amazon and Google cloud services

Hyperic's CloudStatus BETA is the first service to provide an independent view of the health and performance of the most popular cloud services on the web. CloudStatus gives businesses that use the cloud an independent perspective into the performance of cloud-based services, and a framework for determining the cause when the performance of their cloud-hosted applications changes.

CloudStatus is a free service that provides real-time reports and weekly trends on infrastructure metrics-including service availability, response time, latency, and throughput-that affect application availability and performance. CloudStatus visitors can drill down for detailed, service-specific metrics on any monitored service.

CloudStatus is a consistent window into the performance of the cloud as a whole, and the services it comprises. It allows businesses that rely on the cloud to track the relationship between cloud performance and the behavior of hosted applications, and to understand how fluctuations in cloud service levels affect application performance. Alerts on service outages are available on Twitter.

Monitoring Your Application in the Cloud

CloudStatus provides insight into the health of the cloud and cloud services. To enable complete application monitoring and management, including your cloud-hosted services, Hyperic is extending the management capabilities of our open source web infrastructure monitoring software, Hyperic HQ. For more information on incorporating cloud service plugins into Hyperic HQ, visit the HyperFORGE.

How CloudStatus Works

CloudStatus is built on Hyperic HQ, Hyperic's flagship product designed to monitor and manage large scale web infrastructure. The Hyperic HQ Server aggregates multiple metrics from sources inside and outside the cloud to provide cloud availability and health status. Hyperic HQ then calculates the aggregate data to determine overall availability and normalized metrics across the cloud. The multiple metrics origination scheme assures users a relevant overall perspective of cloud performance.

For each service, Hyperic collects specific metrics using production instances across the cloud and tailored exercises typical of each service. While the results cover services accessed across the cloud from both inside and outside of the cloud, CloudStatus does not yet monitor specific instances for individual businesses. CloudStatus results reflect general service levels, and serve as an indicator of whether further investigation of application behavior or cloud performance is warranted.