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Which Edition is Right For Your Business?

Hyperic HQ comes in two product editions. Each edition includes a combination of powerful monitoring and management features designed to meet the unique needs of your company.

As you'll see in the comparison chart below, the edition you need depends on the size of your company, which monitoring components you need, and the level of customization, integration, and support you require.

  • Hyperic HQ Open Source Edition: Full function monitoring and management for small environments with low to medium complexity
  • Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition: Full function monitoring and management, with automation and intelligence features designed for larger, more complex environments.

Both editions can be downloaded for free. The Hyperic HQ Enterprise trial is a fully functional, time-limited evaluation copy that can manage up to 50 resources. For extended trial durations or pricing information, contact Hyperic Sales. Hyperic HQ support subscriptions are also available for an additional fee.

Feature Comparison Chart Hyperic HQ Open Source Hyperic HQ Enterprise
Deployment & Administration Features
Remote Control and Update of HQ Agent  
HQ Failover Support  
Platform Cloning  
Monitoring Features
Monitor Metrics
Track Performance, Configuration and Security Changes
Historical Charting and Graphing Performance
Customizable Dashboard
JMX MBean Query
Scheduled Downtime for Resource Groups  
Metric Data Extrapolation  
Role-Based Dashboard  
Report Center  
Operations IQ  
Alerting Features
Availability Alerting
Event Alerting
Recovery Alerts  
Escalation Schemes
Performance Baselining for Alert thresholds  
Global Alert Templates for Groups of Resources  
Multi-Conditional Alerting  
Time-of-Day Alerting  
Resource Type Alerts  
Filtered Notifications  
Role-Based Notifications  
Script Actions  
Control Features
User Initiated Control Actions
Automatic Corrective Actions for Alert Responses  
Scheduled Control Actions  
Security and Access/Authorization Control
External Authentication with LDAP or Kerberos  
Unidirectional Agent Server Communications  
Role-Based Access Control  
Nagios Integration
Plugin Development Kit for Resource Plugins
HQU Framework for UI, Automation, and Integration Plugins
Web Services API
Open NMS Integration  
Support Services
Hyperic Forums
Hyperic Documentation
Hyperic Subscription Support  
Guaranteed Response Time  
Hyperic Technical Account Management  
Professional Services