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Sybase Monitoring & Management

Sybase is a versatile, enterprise-class RDBMS which is especially good at handling OLTP workloads. It is used extensively throughout the financial world. Hyperic Hyperic uses Sybase Adaptive Server's management interface to provide auto-discovery and monitoring of every Sybase instance in the environment. Using Sybase's management interface provides Hyperic with the ability to gain the deepest visibility into Sybase without compromising its performance or stability.

Hyperic aims to provide SQL Server users the management capabilities typically found in database centric tools coupled with management support for the other technologies which, along with databases, are used in today's enterprise environment. Its powerful application concept allows you to visualize monitoring data from your database tier alongside your business logic and presentation tiers by giving you the ability to measure how client activity is reflected across the various layers of your application infrastructure.

For more information, please visit our Sybase monitoring plugin HyperFORGE page.

Auto-Discover your hardware and Sybase servers
Monitor every metric, log, and configuration for all Sybase resources in your inventory
Identify problem resources with automatic baselines for every metric
Control all your Sybase resources on-demand, on schedule, or in response to alerts
Alert on any measurement, log, or security event in your Sybase environment

System Supported Versions

  • Sybase 12.x
  • Sybase 12.5.x
  • Sybase 15.x
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • HPUX
  • AIX
  • MacOSX
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Win32

System Monitoring Specification

General Server Metrics
  • Availability
  • Number of Transactions
  • Number of Transactions per Minute
  • Number of User Tables
  • Number of User Tables per Minute
  • Number of Active Locks
  • Number of Active Page Locks
  • Number of Active Table Locks
  • Number of Servers
  • Number of Active Users
  • Number of Local Transactions
  • Number of Local Transactions per Minute
  • Number of External Transactions
  • Number of External Transactions per Minute
  • Instance Used Space
  • Instance Free Space
  • Instance Total Space
  • Up Time
  • Number of Indexes
  • Number of Tx Logs

System Monitoring Specification

Sybase 12.5.x and 15.x Server Metrics
  • Availability
  • Deadlocks
  • Avg Lock Contention
  • TDS Packets Sent
  • TDS Packets Received
  • Total Cache Misses Ratio
  • Total Cache Hits Ratio
Sybase 12.5.x and 15.x DataServer Process Metrics Metrics
  • Availability
  • Number of Processes
  • Memory Size
  • Resident Memory Size
  • Cpu System Time
  • Cpu System Time per Minute
  • Cpu User Time
  • Cpu User Time per Minute
  • Cpu Total Time
  • Cpu Total Time per Minute
  • Cpu Usage
Sybase 12.5.x and 15.x sp_monitorconfig Metrics
  • Availability
  • Active
  • Max Used
  • Free
  • Reuse
  • Utilization Ratio
Sybase 12.5.x and 15.x sp_sysmonCache Metrics
  • Availability
  • Cache Hits Ratio
  • Cache Misses Ratio
Sybase 12.5.x and 15.x storage Metrics
  • Availability
  • Storage Used
  • Percent Used
Sybase 12.5.x and 15.x sp_sysmonEngine Metrics
  • Availability
  • Engine Utilization
  • Process Virtual Memory Size
  • Process Resident Memory Size
  • Process Page Faults
  • Process Page Faults per Minute
  • Process Cpu System Time
  • Process Cpu System Time per Minute
  • Process Cpu User Time
  • Process Cpu User Time per Minute
  • Process Cpu Total Time
  • Process Cpu Total Time per Minute
  • Process Cpu Usage
  • Process Start Time
  • Process Open File Descriptors
  • Process Threads
  • Child Processes